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Gauntlet is a simulation platform for building financial models of blockchain protocols and applications.

This ensures they are resilient to attacks by bad actors and that honest participants are rewarded fairly.

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Simulation Notebook

Work directly with our experts to set up and run a series of simulations to identify ways to make your system more secure and encourage participation by good actors. Use our interactive analysis platform to test your protocol or smart contract and gain intuition on how design choices affect behavior.

Continuous Incentive Testing

We integrate the incentive models as tests in your build system, automatically detect changes that affect protocol mechanisms, and update parameters using live data from your mainnet.

How it works

Design a Custom Simulation
Work directly with our experts to analyze your protocol or smart contract and identify the top attacks and incentives to model.
Integrate with your protocol or smart contract
Our team will construct a simulation customized to your product and tune it to get the best coverage of possible attack scenarios. We fully support the EVM and can run Solidity or Vyper contracts directly in our framework, as well as intergrate with custom VMs and protocols.
Build custom agents for your network
Using the requirements we gathered during simulation design, we’ll develop any new types of agents that are needed for your protocol or smart contract. Combining these with our library of agents and attacks, we achieve broad coverage of testing scenarios.
Run the simulation
Running the simulation will allow us to gather data across a wide variety of simulation scenarios. We tune the simulation as we go to better uncover possible issues and dig deeper into potential incentive changes.
Get an interactive assessment of your protocol incentives
Once we have gathered data in the simulation phase, we create a report that shows which attacks the network is most susceptible to, and generate visualizations for how various incentives are affected by your consensus design choices. You can tweak parameters and complete custom analyses to gain further understanding of protocol behavior.

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