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Gauntlet is a blockchain simulation platform that ensures protocols and applications are resilient to attacks by bad actors.


Incentive Stress Testing

Work directly with our experts to set up and run a series of simulations to identify ways to make your blockchain more secure and encourage participation by good actors.

Continuous Incentive Testing

We integrate the incentive stress tests into your build system, automatically detect changes that affect protocol mechanisms, and update parameters using live data from your mainnet.

How it works

Design a Custom Simulation
Work directly with our experts to analyze your protocol or smart contract and identify the top attacks and incentives to model.
Integrate with your protocol or smart contract
Our team will construct a simulation customized to your product and tune it to get the best coverage of possible attack scenarios.
Build custom agents for your network
Using the requirements we gathered during simulation design, we’ll develop any new types of agents that are need for your protocol or smart contract. Combining these with our library of agents and attacks, we achieve broad coverage of testing scenarios.
Run the simulation
Running the simulation will allow us to gather data for the audit. We tune the simulation as we go to better uncover possible issues and dig deeper into potential incentive changes.
Get a custom assessment of your protocol incentives
Once we have gathered data in the simulation phase, we create a report that shows which attacks the network is most susceptible to, and generate visualizations for how various incentives are affected by your consensus design choices.

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Gauntlet’s mission is to help make blockchain protocols and smart contracts safer and more trustworthy for users.

Decentralized systems create new challenges for protocol developers, smart contract developers, and asset holders that are not seen in traditional development and investing. Gauntlet is building a blockchain simulation and testing platform that leverages battle tested techniques from other industries to emulate interactions in crypto networks. Simulation provides transparency and greatly reduces the cost of experimentation so that teams can rapidly design, launch, and scale new decentralized systems.

Crypto systems are truly multi-disciplinary as they are at the intersection of distributed systems, cryptography, economics, and game theory. In particular, there is a coupling of economic incentives and product success, which results in a large attack surface that must be analyzed thoroughly.


Tarun Chitra
Founder & CEO

Tarun is an alumni of D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES), Vatic Labs, an HFT firm, and Cornell. He fell into the blockchain world in 2011, when he was working on ASICs at DESRES and observed Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs substantially delay DESRES’s ASIC production. He has spent the last seven years working on simulation-based R&D at the intersection of high-performance computing and AI and is applying this knowledge to the blockchain ecosystem.

Rei Chiang
Founder & CTO

Rei worked at Uber Advanced Technologies Group building marketplace simulations for self-driving vehicles and real-time driver incentives. Prior to that, he spent five years in the HFT industry as a portfolio manager and quant trader at GETCO and 3Red, specializing in market-making strategies for fixed income and commodity futures. Rei received his B.S. in theoretical math and computer science from MIT.

John Morrow
Head of Product

John has spent over a decade working on products in both traditional software and financial systems. He was an early employee at Gigster where he lead fulfillment of client projects and managed the freelance marketplace. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft as a PM on Windows APIs and HoloLens and at Goldman Sachs. He also studied at Cornell where he received a B.S. in Applied Physics and Computer Science.

Wei Qin
Blockchain Simulation Engineer

Before joining Gauntlet, Wei worked on simulation at Basis (the stablecoin project) and at Tower Research, a quantitative trading firm. He has a PhD in electrical engineering from Princeton University, and was a Professor of computer engineering at Boston University.

Wei Wang
Blockchain Simulation Engineer

Most recently, Wei developed low-latency trading strategies at Jump Trading. Before that, he worked at Merrill Lynch, J. P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. He has a PhD in Computer Science from UIUC and a Masters in Physics from Peking University.

Guillermo Angeris
Blockchain Simulation Engineer

Guille is researcher at Stanford, currently completing his PhD in electrical engineering under Stephen Boyd. Previously, he has worked at Facebook on fraud detection and at D. E. Shaw Research on topological and manifold methods in data analysis.

Jeremy Batchelder
Business Operations Manager

Jeremy studied Computer Science at Tufts before working on product development at Cambridge Blockchain and business operations at CoinList.

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