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Gauntlet is a simulation platform for building financial models of blockchain protocols and applications.

This ensures they are resilient to attacks by bad actors and that honest participants are rewarded fairly.

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Simulation Notebook

Work directly with our experts to set up and run a series of simulations to identify ways to make your system more secure and encourage participation by good actors. Use our interactive analysis platform to test your protocol or smart contract and gain intuition on how design choices affect behavior.

Continuous Incentive Testing

We integrate the incentive models as tests in your build system, automatically detect changes that affect protocol mechanisms, and update parameters using live data from your mainnet.


Compound Finance

The lending protocol Compound used Gauntlet to determine that they could safely scale the total borrowed value on their protocol by as much as 10x with a less-than-1% chance of going default

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Celo used stress tests from Gauntlet to optimize parameters for their price oracle and ensure their stability mechanism would work under multiple adverse market conditions

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Gauntlet worked with NuCypher to analyze and optimize their staking logic and protocol parametrization, focusing on their novel distribution mechanism, the ‘worklock’

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