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Capital EfficiencyLiquidity Provider FeesStakeholder ReturnsCapital Efficiency
Optimize your Protocol for Capital EfficiencyLiquidity Provider FeesStakeholder ReturnsCapital Efficiency
Gauntlet is a financial modelling platform that uses battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to inform on-chain protocol management.
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Gauntlet Platform
Our Platform leverages agent-based simulation to tune a protocol's key parameters, improving capital efficiency, fees, risk, and incentives.
Risk Management
Maximize capital efficiency while minimizing risk to your protocol
Liquidity Growth
Make sure your pools have sustainable liquidity and are optimally returning value to LPs
Rewards & Incentives
Maximize stakeholder returns by optimizing fees and rewards
Case Studies
Aave is working with Gauntlet to test the financial infrastructure of the protocol and ensure its resilience to attacks by bad actors as well as incentives for honest participants.
–Stani Kulechov
Aave saw $3.7M of additional realized borrow interest after just one year of dynamic risk management from Gauntlet.
Gauntlet is the undisputed expert at analyzing & managing protocol risk. They have been crucial to Compound’s success & safety.
—Robert Leshner
The lending protocol Compound used Gauntlet to determine that they could safely scale the total borrowed value on their protocol by as much as 10x with a less-than-1% chance of going default.
Gauntlet's work on dynamic-fee Balancer pools is paramount to Balancer V2. We are proud of being close partners.
—Fernando Martinelli
Gauntlet is partnering with Balancer to dynamically set fees in Balancer V2 to attract volume and maximize LP returns.
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Block by Block: Assessing Risk in Decentralized Finance
In this article, Moody’s Analytics and Gauntlet hope to promote further understanding about this exciting and growing area of finance and begin to chart a path forward toward a common framework for risk assessment in DeFi.
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A Wall Street Quant Turns His Crypto Firm Into a Unicorn
Gauntlet raised a new round of funding that pushed its valuation to $1 billion. The $23.8 million Series B round was led by Ribbit Capital. Existing investors including Polychain Capital and Paradigm also participated.
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Building and Running a DAO: Why Governance Matters
As DeFi and NFT communities grow enormously in size, how to govern decentralized protocols takes on added importance. One of the most immediate challenges facing these communities is to figure out governance.
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