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Gauntlet announces partnership with Stellar, Celo, and Compound

Gauntlet has announced that it is partnering with Stellar, Celo, and Compound to help the teams behind the protocols "design, launch, and scale new financial systems." Gauntlet provides stress-testing ...

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Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency - A Technical Breakdown For Business Leaders

The company [Gauntlet] helps audit the libra blockchain code and ensures that the owners of Libra Investment Tokens (LIT) understand what they’re voting for.

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How To Make Cryptoeconomics Work In Live Trading

Among the many challenges to designing a crypto token, a few of the biggest ones are 1) coding it securely so it's not subject to hacks, 2) making it resistant to economic attacks -- not just the ones within the system itself but also ones that take advantage of secondary actors such as exchanges, and 3) distributing the token from the beginning in a way that the ultimate distribution is in line with the creator's goals.

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Not Sure a Cryptoeconomic System Will Work? Gauntlet Can Help

Tarun Chitra, cofounder and CEO of Gauntlet, describes how his company enables crypto teams to run through simulations to see how their design choices will affect the [product once it is live.]

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A high-frequency trading expert explains why you shouldn't fear how Robinhood makes money

Episode 24 of Season 2 of The Scoop was recorded remotely with The Block’s Frank Chaparro and Tarun Chitra, founder and CEO of Gauntlet.

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DeFi startup Compound commissions stress test to simulate default risks of its lending protocol

A stress test commissioned by DeFi lending protocol startup Compound suggests that it can scale its total borrowed value by as much as 10x with a less-than-1% chance of going default – even when ETH is at its maximum historical volatility.

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JPMorgan Blockchain Spin-Off Analyzed By High Frequency Trading Specialists

Tarun Chitra, founder and CEO of Gauntlet Networks, a research company aiming to make crypto networks and their governance interpretable and statistically sound, took to Kadena to apply economic and statistical analysis more often seen in trading to prove this blockchain is secure at scale, and under a myriad of conditions.

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Five New York Blockchain Companies to Watch

To celebrate those wins — and our city’s financial services and engineering talent — we’re profiling five New York blockchain companies.

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