Our Story
Gauntlet was founded in 2018 by Tarun Chitra, CEO, and Rei Chiang, CTO. The company was developed from Tarun’s years of creating computational simulations in physics, bimolecular systems, applied math, and eventually crypto. Rei built marketplace simulations for self-driving vehicles and spent five years in the HFT industry as a portfolio manager and quant trader. In 2017—after speaking with crypto exchanges and base layer protocols—Tarun and Rei saw an untapped product opportunity to build a platform that could stress test and evaluate smart contracts and protocols. Armed with this insight, they raised capital and started Gauntlet. Full story here
Tarun Chitra
Founder & CEO

Tarun is an alumni of D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES), Vatic Labs, an HFT firm, and Cornell. He fell into the blockchain world in 2011, when he was working on ASICs at DESRES and observed Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs substantially delay DESRES’s ASIC production. He has spent the last seven years working on simulation-based R&D at the intersection of high-performance computing and AI and is applying this knowledge to the blockchain ecosystem.

Rei Chiang
Founder & CTO

Rei worked at Uber Advanced Technologies Group building marketplace simulations for self-driving vehicles and real-time driver incentives. Prior to that, he spent five years in the HFT industry as a portfolio manager and quant trader at GETCO and 3Red, specializing in market-making strategies for fixed income and commodity futures. Rei received his B.S. in theoretical math and computer science from MIT.

John Morrow

John has spent over a decade working on products in both traditional software and financial systems. He was an early employee at Gigster where he led fulfillment of client projects and managed the freelance marketplace. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft as a PM on Windows APIs and HoloLens as well as at Goldman Sachs. He also studied at Cornell where he received a B.S. in Applied Physics and Computer Science.

Jeremy Batchelder
Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy studied Computer Science at Tufts before working on product development at Cambridge Blockchain and business operations at CoinList.

Jonathan Reem
Staff Software Engineer

Jonathan is a core contributor to rust-lang who has worked on the core team at Udacity, Hack Reactor, and Terminal.com.

Hsien-Tang Kao
Engineering Manager

Hsien-Tang recently was a lead data scientist at Sojern after a stint at Delta Electronics. He holds an MS in robotics from Carnegie Mellon and studied math at National Cheng Kung University before that.

Bita Abolfathi
Chief of Staff

Bita has multiple years of operational experience at early stage startups and organizations including Cresta, Lighthouse AI, and Felicis Ventures. She studied Managerial Economics at University of Santa Barbara.

Victor Xu
Senior Simulation Engineer

Recently, Victor worked as a quantitative trader at Flow Traders. Prior to Flow Traders, Victor spent time at Citadel and Jane Street Capital. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Princeton University.

Watson Fu
Senior Simulation Engineer

Prior to Gauntlet, Watson worked as a trader at Flow Traders and the Chicago Trading Company. He studied Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University and was a nationally ranked chess player.

Gabe Pohl-Zaretsky
Staff Data Scientist

Most recently, Gabe worked as a software engineer at GTS. Prior to GTS, he was a trading assistant at Jane Street Capital. Gabe studied economics at George Washington University and is avid urban explorer.

Nicholas Cannon
VP of Growth

Before joining Gauntlet, Nicholas worked at Lively, a healthcare savings startup, and Bloqboard, an early DeFi startup. Nicholas spent the majority of his career playing professional poker.

Eric Ruleman
Software Engineer

Prior to Gauntlet, Eric worked as a software engineer at Cruise on their infrastructure team. Eric studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and is also a certified yoga instructor.

Nathan Lord
Staff Data Analyst

Prior to joining Gauntlet, Nathan launched his own startup called mathmoji.com and worked as an algorithmic trader at Spot Trading. Nathan studied Management Science & Engineering at Stanford.

Nicholas Borg
Senior Simulation Engineer

Nicholas has worked as a data scientist at one of Stanford's computational nerusocience labs, as well as at multiple different startups. Nicholas studied Symbolic Systems and Philosophy at Stanford.

Clement Emmanuel
Senior Software Engineer

Before Gauntlet, Clement worked at Apple, where he worked on their machine learning infrastructure for fraud detection. Clement studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Victoria.

Shaan Varia
Head of Product

Prior to Gauntlet, Shaan worked as an Engineering Manager at Google on the Question Hub team. He led the product from inception to scale. Shaan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

Henry Prior
Senior Simulation Engineer

Henry has worked as a machine learning engineer at multiple startups including XaiPient, SPATE, and Group One Trading. Henry graduated from NYU with a degree in Math and Economics.

JD Maturen
Director of Engineering

Most recently, JD worked as an Engineering Manager on Facebook's ads team. Before that, JD worked at GitHub for five years in various roles, including Director of Data Science.

Jesse Kao
Director of Finance and Business Operations

Most recently, Jesse was a cofounder of a venture-backed consumer startup. Prior to that, he was an equities investor at Point72, investment banker at Raymond James, and auditor at Ernst & Young. Jesse received his MPA and BA in Business Administration from the University of Texas.

Marcin Jachymiak
Software Engineer

Marcin has worked as a full stack engineer at multiple startups including Flowcode and Nebulous. Marcin graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and was an active member of the MIT Bitcoin Club.

Deepa Talwar
Business Development

Deepa has over a decade of experience leading sales and operations teams at startups such as Stripe, Uber, Intercom, and Thumbtack. She holds a B.A in Mathematics and Economics from Northwestern University.

Paul J. Lei
Protocol Management Lead

Before joining Gauntlet, Paul was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs where he was responsible for covering clients in the financial services sector. Paul graduated from Harvard with a degree in Statistics and was a nationally ranked golfer

Nicholas Hewitt
Product Manager

Nicholas has worked in engineering and product roles at Palantir, Google and a seed stage cloud security startup. Most recently, he was pursuing doctoral studies at USC's philosophy department. Nicholas holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, and an M.A. in Philosophy from Tufts

Tiffany Liu
Accounting Lead

Prior to Gauntlet, Tiffany led tax compliance at Forever 21 and a tea startup she cofounded. Before that, Tiffany worked at Ernst & Young where she provided tax services to partnerships and high net worth individuals. Tiffany studied Math at UC San Diego and recieved a Master of Business Taxation from USC.

Matt Dobel
Business Development

Prior to Gauntlet, Matt was a Manager on Square's Stategic Account Program team. Before that, Matt has worked at multiple different fintech companies such as Brigit and OnDeck in various strategic partnership and business development roles.

Jake H
Protocol Manager

Before Gauntlet, Jake led Sales Engineering at an IoT startup, Maven Machines, and worked on the Growth team at the New York Times. While completing his Economics degree at SUNY Geneseo, he also launched his own wireless charging startup and won state pitch and finance competitions.

Jacob Kim
Senior Data Scientist

Jacob has worked as a data scientist at Sonder, Gametime United and Medium. Jacob graduated from Harvard with a degree in Statistics and Computer Science.

Nick Egan
Senior Simulation Engineer

Most recently, Nick was a machine learning researcher at Primer AI. Prior to that, he worked at Robinhood, Facebook, and Airbnb. Nick graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science.

Sarah Chen
Simulation Engineer

Before Gauntlet, Sarah worked at Goldman Sachs on their Global Markets team. Sarah graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science.

Ringo Cheung
Senior Software Engineer

Most recently, Ringo worked as a software engineer on Facebook's Remote Presence team. Ringo graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Engineering Science.

Garrett Petersen
Simulation Engineer

Most recently, Garrett worked as a data scientist at Abio Systems. Garrett has a PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University and is also the host of the Economics Detective podcast.

Kshitij Kulkarni
Research Fellow

Kshitij is a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, currently completing his PhD in electrical engineering and computer science under Shankar Sastry. Previously, he worked at D.E. Shaw on the commodities trading desk.

Katharina Theobald
Senior Product Manager

Prior to Gauntlet, Katharina worked as a Management Consultant for over a decade serving clients in Retail Banking, International Development and eCommerce industries. Katharina studied Finance at George Washington University.

Kemen Linsuain
Content Manager

Before joining Gauntlet, Kemen worked in fixed income research and later as an analyst at a DC-area family office. Prior to that, he graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics and math.

Yutong Liu
Simulation Engineer

Before joining Gauntlet, Yutong worked as a quantitative research analyst at AQR. Yutong graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in statistics and electrical engineering.

Nicholas Zingaro
Analytics Lead

Nicholas has over a decade of experience manager analytics teams at both startups and financial instutitons including Fundrise, Brigit, and Kabbage.

Daeil Cha
Staff Data Analyst

Daeil has worked as a quantitative research analyst at multiple hedgefunds including R Squared Capital Management, Suffolk Capital Management, and The Buckingham Research Group.

Rahul Goyal
Finance Lead

Most recently, Rahul worked at BlackRock on their Private Credit & Special Situations team. Prior to that, Rahul worked at J.P. Morgan, Perella Weinberg Partners, and CIBC World Markets.

Walter Li
Simulation Engineer

Most recently, Walter was a quantitative developer at RBC Capital Markets. Walter graduated from Princeton with degrees in computer science and mathematics.

Daniel Arango
Director of Talent

Prior to Gauntlet, Daniel was an Associate Director of Talent at Gemini. Daniel has also worked as a technical recruiter at a variety of companies including Digital Ocean.

Noah Sanford

Prior to Gauntlet, Noah worked as a Technical Sourcer for a variety of companies including Brex, Tinder, and Freeform. Noah graduated from The University of Southern California with a degree in Pyschology and Gender Studies.

Oliver Wang
Senior Software Engineer

Oliver has worked as a software engineer at a variety of companies including Ava Labs and Uber.

Horace Pan
Simulation Engineer

Prior to Gauntlet, Horace was completing a PhD in Computer Science at The University of Chicago. Horace has interned at Meta, HRL Laboratories, and Tower Research Capital

Julius Degesys
Engineering Manager

Prior to Gauntlet, Julius was the Director of Data Science at Atalaya Capital Management. Julius has also held a variety of quantitative engineering roles at firms including AQR and Tower Capital Management.

Prateek Agarwal
Simulation Engineer

Prior to Gauntlet, Prateek worked as a data scientist at Polychain Capital. Prateek graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Computer Science

Michalis Alifierakis
Simulation Engineer

Most recently, Michalis worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg. Michalis also completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University

Simon Frid
Staff Software Engineer

Simon has been doing DevOps and infrastructure engineering for over a decade for a variety of startups including Gigster and Fortune 500 companies.

Will Wolf
Senior Simulation Engineer

Most recently, Will worked at BlockScience and Cred Protocol. Prior to that, Will was a machine learning engineer at ASAPP.

Trey Sadiq
General Counsel

Trey has served as internal counsel to large financial institutions, FinTech ventures, and digital assets exchanges. He holds a Bachelor of Science in International Politics from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Ben Schreck
Senior Software Engineer

Prior to Gauntlet, Ben worked at Coinbase. Ben graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Katie Bent-Koerick
Data Analyst

Prior to Gauntlet, Katie worked at the New York City Criminal Justice Agency as a data analyst. She graduated from NYU with degrees in Sociology and Applied Quantitative Research.

Stuart Truax
Senior Simulation Engineer

Stuart has worked as a machine learning engineer at multiple different companies including Google, Meta, and Fitbit. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Adam Spar
Director of Marketing

Most recently, Adam was on the product marketing team at Gemini. Adam graduated with a MBA from UCLA and a degree in History from Cornell.

Qi Shao
Engineering Manager

Prior to Gauntlet, Qi was the Head of Data/Machine Learning Engineering at Munich Re Group. He has also worked on large data platforms at Pivotal Software and FINRA.

Minjun Lin
Senior Data Analyst

Minjun has worked at multiple different crypto companies as a data analyst including Kraken, Celsius, and Circle. Minjun graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Economics and an MPA from Columbia University.

Curran Sandher
Senior Product Designer

Curran has worked as a product designer for multiple different startups and agencies including Airfoil, Autozen and Rise People.

Tim Roughgarden

Tim Roughgarden is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. He works on the boundary of computer science and economics, and on the design, analysis, applications, and limitations of algorithms. For his research, he has been awarded the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), the Kalai Prize in Computer Science and Game Theory, and the EATCS-SIGACT Gödel Prize.

Yi Sun

Yi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Columbia University. His research interests are in representation theory and integrable systems and their applications to probability and random matrices. Before Columbia, he received his Ph.D. in mathematics from MIT, advised by Pavel Etingof.

Guillermo Angeris

Guillermo is the Head of Research at Bain Capital Crypto. Prior to that, Guillermo completed his PhD in electrical engineering under Stephen Boyd. Guillermo has also worked on fraud detection at Facebook and topological and manifold methods in data analysis at D.E. Shaw Research.

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