Gauntlet Platform
Our platform leverages agent-based simulation to optimize a protocol's key parameters improving capital efficiency, risk, fees, and rewards. DeFi protocols using our platform can maximize their capital efficiency and stakeholder returns while minimizing risk.
Trusted by Protocol Teams and DAO’s
Optimizing collateral factors
Calibrating Risk Parameters
Dynamically setting Risk Parameters
Stress-Testing Key Risk Parameters
Managing trading fees for over 50 pools
Setting token emissions for Onsen pools
Our Solution
The Gauntlet Platform maximizes capital efficiency, reduces risk, and gives confidence to you and your community that key parameters are mathematically optimal.
Risk Desk
We build a plug and play risk desk to provide visibility into current market risk levels
Continuous optimizations
Scientifically chosen parameter recommendations for managing risk and maximizing growth
Core and Community
Ongoing communications of new financial risks to gather feedback and drive adoption
Execute changes
Automatically push parameter optimizations to the blockchain and your community
Risk Management
Optimize key risk parameters in your network to ensure that your protocol is secure in catastrophic market events while maximizing Capital Efficiency.
  • Ensure your collateral is safe against Black Thursday level market events
  • Get a holistic view of how your LTV, liquidation fees and other parameters interact with each other
  • Deploy key recommendations on-chain or directly to your team
Rewards & Incentives
Ensure your capital is being allocated optimally to maximize returns for Stakeholders and LPs.
  • Continuously optimize fees and incentives in your protocol to grow your TVL
  • Monitor arbitrage and grow organic volume in your LP pools
  • Align incentives for LPs and traders to grow user base
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